What is SAWIS? Culture Wine Co

South African Wine Industry Information and Systems, or SAWIS, is the organization responsible for various aspects of the wine industry in South Africa, including the implementation of the Wine of Origin Scheme, vineyard registration, and the management of the grape tracing tag system. The grape tracing tag is a game-changing system. It’s a unique identifier placed on wine bottles, ensuring traceability and providing information about the wine’s origin and compliance with quality standards. This system is the most comprehensive and transparent in the world, which allows consumers to have confidence in the authenticity and quality of South African wines by verifying their origin and adherence to the Wine of Origin regulations. There is not another country with such transparency around their respective standards anywhere in the world.

Picture of a SAWIS neck-seal that every bottle produced in South Africa must contain. Any person can visit the SAWIS website and enter this code in to determine exactly where the grapes originate and if they’re certified sustainable/organic.