Our Story

Culture Wine Co. Was Founded to enhance the representation of South African wine in the US and to share the stories of the extraordinary people behind them.

Why South Africa?

South African wine accounts for less than 1% of all US imports today.

In my many years in the wine trade, rarely was South Africa a topic of discussion. In fact, in most import portfolios and sales pitches they were largely left out of the narrative. I assumed the lack of representation told the whole story, that it was a reflection of the quality of its production, its place in the industry. Then I took a trip to South Africa. I discovered a booming industry, incredibly passionate and skilled producers, and a warm community dedicated to crafting exceptional wines. My perspective was broadened profoundly and I was left with the question: Why was no one championing these wines?

Culture Wine Co. was founded to share the exciting changes taking place in the South African wine industry- largely spearheaded by a young generation of winemakers focused on clean natural wines as well as organic, biodynamic, and regenerative farming methods. They are producing vibrant, energetic Pinotage; a welcome change from the bombastic, high alcohol styles of the past. They’re crafting single-varietal wines from lesser known grapes like Fernao Pires, Colombar, and Palomino; which would have traditionally been lost in bulk co-op blends.

The current South African wine scene is innovative and energized, but what sets it apart from others is its collective dedication to fostering an open, inclusive wine culture. It is inspiring to witness the camaraderie, the willingness to share knowledge, and the support this community gives.

There are so many reasons to be excited about South African wine, and Culture Wine Co. is here to share those stories.

-Peter Andrews, Founder of Culture Wine Co.

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Culture Wine Co. Story

Sharing Culture Through Wine

We believe in telling the stories beyond the bottle.

It’s time to update the narrative of the South African winemakers who overcome extraordinary obstacles in order to share their craft with the world. Navigating extreme weather, from flooding to frequent drought, the lack of government subsidies, and regular power outages due to load shedding, South African winemakers demonstrate a unique resilience unlike any other region in the world.

It is said that ‘necessity breeds ingenuity’ and the producers we represent exemplify this in the vibrant culture and thriving community they cultivate, and in the inspired wines they create.

Meet The Founder: Peter Andrews

Culture Wine Co. was founded by wine industry veteran Peter Andrews, DipWSET. Peter has embraced many roles in his 15 years in the industry; opening and managing small wine shops, holding executive level positions in the trade, and teaching wine business courses at Johnson & Wales University, The Culinary Institute of America, and for the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET). He currently sits on the board of the Glancy Wine Education Foundation.

After earning his culinary arts degree, Peter embarked on a rewarding, yet challenging journey as a chef, managing kitchens across the United States and in Europe. His culinary experiences across the Eastern seaboard as well as abroad in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Piemonte, Italy, continue to influence his cooking style to this day. It was during his time in Italy, however, when he first fell in love with wine. It bridged his love of the culinary world with his interests in history, geography and culture, leading him to discover a new passion.

He shifted direction upon returning to the US and completed an MBA with the goal of one day starting a people and story-focused wine business. He is passionate about discovering exciting new wines (and sharing them with others), he loves an underdog, and he believes in sharing the lesser told stories of the people behind the wine. The launch of Culture Wine Co. brings to life his dream of creating a space to share bold, accessible, storied wines with everyone, and he hopes it will inspire others to do the same.

Founder & President of Culture Wine Co. Peter Andrews