Citrusdal Valley, a prominent wine district located 105 miles north of Cape Town in South Africa’s Western Cape, holds a distinguished position within the extensive Olifants River Valley wine region. While it has earned recognition for its commercial wine production, the region’s topography, characterized by rolling hills and mountains, offers exceptional vineyard sites, particularly well-suited for cultivating premium grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

In Citrusdal Valley, the predominant grape varieties are Chenin Blanc and Colombard, although their primary use lies in the production of brandy and local table wines, with limited international visibility.

Spanning roughly 40 miles from the northern town of Clanwilliam to the southern low-lying area of Citrusdal, the valley is bordered by the Cederberg Mountains to the east and the Olifants River Mountains to the west. These mountain ranges contribute unique alluvial Table Mountain sandstone to the valley’s terroir. The presence of Clanwilliam Dam, nestled along the Olifants River, plays a crucial role in providing essential irrigation water.

While the lower regions of Citrusdal Valley primarily cater to commercial grape cultivation and citrus fruit production, from which the region draws its name, the high-altitude vineyards in the Cederberg Mountains are gaining acclaim for producing distinctive and innovative wines.